Juniper Wood Jewelry

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EarringsOne thing I am looking forward to doing when my shop is finally finished (yes, I’m taking forever), is to do smaller projects. Those are the ones that don’t take me months and months to complete. Crafting juniper wood jewelry is one thing that I like doing. I can sit down for a couple hours over the course of a few days and design something appealing. It’s a great way to fine tune my skills, and keeps my projects rolling through instead of getting bogged down on something big.





Juniper Wood Jewelry is Unique

juniper jewelryUntil you cut into a piece of juniper wood, there is no telling what it will look like. Each piece has its own distinctive grain pattern, and each piece has its own coloring. That is part of why I love working with it.

In general juniper is a slow growing member of the cedar family. It has that redish hue that cedar gets, and it has a lot of fun grain pattern due to the slow and twisted growth. But aside from that, there are a lot of other variables that may pop up when a piece is made.

For instance, some juniper is a golden color, others is red. Some has twisted and swirled grain while others have a fairly straight pattern. Since most of what I work with is drifted juniper, I never know how deep the checking runs, and if that is going to ruin a piece that I’m working on.

Juniper Wood Jewelry is Long Lasting

driftwood jewelryThese trees take a long time to grow. They have to withstand the elements and it causes them to grow solidly. While the wood is still soft, it is strong. That makes for jewelry that will last forever, assuming it’s not abused.

All of the wood is sanded and polished until it is completely smooth. From there it is coated with a polyeurethane finish that penetrates into the juniper wood and helps to reinforce it. Unless you are bending and trying to break it, it’s going to last.


Juniper Wood Jewelry and Other Juniper Wood Products

DSCN2733I have a lot of jewelry still on hand, as well as a few of my lamps are still around too. I haven’t had a chance to craft anything for quite some time, so I do have a large stock of drifted juniper wood and non-drifted juniper wood. The bulk of that gets sold as taxidermy supplies; fish mounts, bird mounts, and larger stump pieces for full size lions and bears are hot items. If you need any taxidermy supplies or landscaping supplies, I am sure I have what you need. Get in touch and we can figure something out.

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