Northwest of Billings there’s a farm.  That farm once raised hundreds of hogs for the surrounding area.  Eventually the farm closed up shop, the land was sold, and the barns sat empty.

Decades later, the new owner of the property wanted to have them removed.  But it’s a shame to trash all that beautiful barnwood.  Instead, I spent several hot summer days carefully prying each board from the framework.  Then many more hours in the shop removing the bits of rusted nail that will absolutely destroy powertools if you forget to get one out.

Then, the wood was shaped into the outline of the state with a hole drilled in the middle to hold a nice bottle of wine… or a cheap bottle, I’m not one to judge what you drink.  Shoot, I mean you could even throw a bottle of Jack Daniels in there if you wanted to.  The result: a unique conversation piece that shows off your 406 pride.

Hit me up via email if you want to purchase a Montana Barnwood Wine Holder from Montana Natural Products.

Cost: $40 (shipping available for an extra charge)

Dimensions: 10″ wide, 6″ tall, 6″ deep