Driftwood Delivered to Your Door

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driftwoodToo often, when I find new taxidermists that could benefit from my driftwood supplies, they balk at moving away from their current supplier. They feel that what they are receiving is already the best around, and to go somewhere else would just be a hassle. Here are a few great reasons to go with Montana Natural Products.

High Quality – The drifted juniper wood is some of the best that you will find. It’s unique twist and shape provides character that cannot be replicated. The arid environment means that it has been dried of all moisture. The coloring, some of which is provided by the red soil nearby, is unlike any other.

Hand Delivered – Too often a taxidermist will purchase wood from a catalog, and all they get is a general idea of the size. There is no telling what shape or character it will have. With Montana Natural Products, you get wood hand delivered to you. You get to choose the pieces that you like, and leave the others behind. Naturally I’m not going to be delivering this in a luxury car service, but rather from the back of a truck.

Custom Orders – Whether you need $100 worth of wood, or $1,000 worth, we can accommodate what you’re looking for.

Price – You can pay $8 for a piece of driftwood from a catalog, or you can pay $8 for a hand delivered, hand selected, high quality piece. Same price; superior wood.


Montana Natural Products has a huge variety of wood to choose from. We have drifted, undrifted, small pieces, stumps, and entire trees available. Whatever you are looking for, we can get it delivered right to your door.

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  1. Travis Bottolfson

    Hi Scott,
    My name is Travis and own Wild Woods Taxidermy Studio LLC in Wisconsin. We had emailed back and forth a bit about wood about 5 years ago actually. Looking for a new supplier of snaggy, cool looking juniper type stuff. Though I use all kinds of stuff.

  2. Mindy

    I am looking for a long piece of Driftwood for a project
    About 5-6 foot
    Is that something you might have
    Let me know

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