Designing Furniture with Juniper Wood

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One of the things that I like to do is take this beautiful wood, and use it to build items that would otherwise be made of different material. The problem is that when you are working with raw and natural wood, you often run into problems like cracking, splitting, and rot. That just means you need to make it even more unique.






Products made from Juniper Wood

juniper woodYou have seen the lamps that I have crafted. I desperately want to get back into my shop to build more lamps, but alas life has gotten in the way of this little side business (mostly hobby). I had to put a new roof on the house over the winter, I am busy tearing out the basement for a remodel, I need to install a bunch of windows, old damaged siding needs to come down and new stuff put up… which means my fun projects are all put on hold until most of that is done.


Juniper Bottle OpenerI can still get out there to enjoy some smaller projects. Those are the ones that don’t take a long time to complete, and I can spend an hour or two in the evening. Such as the Juniper Wood Bottle Opener.

Similar to those smaller side projects, I want to build something that can hold your iPhone or iPod while you play music. It wouldn’t take long to complete, but it would give a unique flair to these products that have become ubiquitous. By the way, it is here that I have to give a plug for a friend that does iPhone repair in Billings, Montana. Best workmanship you will find, and better rates than just about anyone else out there.


Taxidermy Supplies are Still Primary

If you are a taxidermist, and you need some driftwood or sagebrush for your projects, that is still where the bulk of the material goes. The weather has warmed, the reservoirs are open, and I plan to make a trip out to gather wood in the next couple of weeks. So if you are hurting for some supplies, get in touch with me!


I can ship supplies, they are expensive to ship unless you place a big enough order to send a pallet full. Contact me for pricing or delivery options.

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