The inspiration for this lamp originated around the light bulb used.  The Edison style bulb is a low watt bulb that gives a certain antique look to the lamp.  Unlike most of my products, this lamp is actually not made out of juniper wood.  In fact, I am unsure what type of wood, but it is most likely cottonwood.  It was found in the same area as all of the other, and rather than sand it completely down and varnish it, I left it with most of the original patina intact.  I find it has more of a beach house feel to it.  The bottom of the lamp was hollowed out in order to incorporate the wiring for the bulb and the switch.  I crafted a wooden plate to seal everything inside.

This driftwood lamp measures 18 inches from tip to tip.  At the widest point it is about 8 inches across.

Edison1 Edison2 Edison4Edison3