Montana Natural Products Delivers Taxidermy Supplies to Minneapolis

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Taxidermy Supplies to MinneapolisIf you have found this page and you are in need of taxidermy supplies, but are worried about the cost of shipping, don’t worry. We deliver. MTNP is able to deliver taxidermy supplies such as juniper driftwood, sage brush, moss, and more to the Minneapolis area. The best part is that we deliver at no added cost to you!






Taxidermy Supplies Delivered to Minneapolis

We have some of the finest drifted wood you can find. The unique semi-arid environment is perfect for the growth of Juniper trees. These trees grow slowly through the hot summers, and they grow strong through the harsh cold winters. Over hundreds of years they develop twists and turns creating a unique product that you can offer to your clients. After the tree dies naturally (often due to a fire or other natural cause) it stays in place for decades.   Eventually the soil loosens around the tree and it is washed into the river below. After tumbling and being shaped by the water it washes onto the shores of the reservoir. That is where I find the wood.

I carefully walk through the driftwood selecting only the finest pieces to deliver to you. I pass on those that are straight and lack character, and snatch up the pieces that have plenty of twists and turns. Many of them I can cut a flat back so they will easily mount against the wall.

Sage BrushOn top of that, I can bring you bags of sage brush. Sage grows readily all over Montana. However, as you head east the environment is simply too wet and the plant cannot grow. Instead of driving hundreds of miles to get some, just let me bring it to you.




When do I Deliver Taxidermy Supplies to Minneapolis?

I make a trip out that direction around the beginning of June each year. Just a few weeks prior to the trip I gather all the supplies, and then drive out there with a 16 foot trailer loaded with wood. I will come to your shop, and I let you look over the wood and select exactly what you need for your upcoming projects. I have everything from 6 inch pieces for mounting small fish to 6 foot pieces for full size lion, bear, or other mounts.



Not in the Minneapolis Area?

If you are not near Minneapolis, but you between there and Billings, Montana, I can bring you taxidermy supplies. As long as you are not too far off the interstate, I will accommodate. In addition, I can ship supplies. There will be shipping charges, but the quality of wood that I offer makes it worthwhile.



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I have most of my products listed on the MTNP website. However, the shop section still needs to be updated. I will be working on that over the next several weeks and months to fill in products with prices. In the meantime, if you have any needs, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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