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Sage2If you are a taxidermist, then you might incorporate sage brush into your mounts. This scraggly plant grows remarkably well in the plains of Montana, but as you move further east it disappears. It needs the dry land with hot summers and cold winters in order to survive. Because of the unique climate conditions, many taxidermists don’t have access to it.






Uses for Sage Brush

Sage3Sage brush is a great addition to any mount that needs to have that dry feel to it. Many taxidermists with whom I work like to incorporate it into their mounts of African animals. Keep in mind that as the brush dries, the leaves will fall off. What you are left with is a plant that looks like it has been scorched for centuries by the hot African sun.


Shipping or Delivering Sage Brush

I make one trip out to the Minneapolis area around the beginning of June each year. If you are located along the way, or close by, I can deliver to you at no added charge. Alternatively I am able to ship, but keep in mind that it gets expensive quickly.

Sage1Sage brush is big and bulky, and once you go over a certain size, the shipping companies charge on what is called a dimensional weight rather than actual weight. That means that for 2 medium sized plants stuffed into a box that is 18x18x24, shipping comes to $30. Add on the cost of the plants and other shipping costs and it’s over $45 per box. To get around this, it is recommended that you order a large lot. If I can stuff a bunch of plants into a huge box, and then ship it Less-Than-Load, I can save you a lot of money on the delivery costs.



Other Taxidermy Supplies

Drift6I have a lot of natural products to be used as taxidermy supplies. I have huge quantities of drifted juniper wood, a lot of non-drifted wood, sage brush, pine cones, petrified wood, sandstone, and other products. Check out my store to see what I have in stock, or give me a call at 406.860.4407, to see if I can get you what you need.

Montana Natural Products supplies natural products as taxidermy supplies, items for floral arrangements, landscaping materials, or just about anything else you can imagine. Browse around to see what we can offer.

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