Why Purchase Taxidermy Supplies from Montana Natural Products?

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Taxidermy SuppliesHere at MTNP we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products that can be found. We choose to focus on just the natural aspects of taxidermy supplies, and we leave the molds and “fake” plants to other companies. There is nothing wrong with those products, in fact they are incredibly beneficial to taxidermists and the artwork they create. They are just not our specialty. So why order some supplies from us?





MTNP Driftwood is the Highest Quality You Will Find

There are a number of places out there that sell driftwood for taxidermy supplies. And a lot of the wood out there looks great and will get the job done. But it isn’t the best wood around.

Living in Montana we have unique access to the nicest wood on the planet. The juniper trees grow slowly with a lot of character before they are tumbled down the mountain, into the river, and pile up on the shores of the reservoir. The result is that I can go out and hand pick the wood that I know will look the best in your finished product.


MTNP Driftwood Will Last for Years

Even if you cannot get to the mount right away, you don’t have to worry about the juniper wood that we supply. As a member of the cedar family, juniper is naturally rot and insect resistant. In fact, the drifted, and the non-drifted, wood that we provide as taxidermy supplies has been dead and down for years, often decades. During that time nothing has caused it to decompose: not wind, weather, or animal.


MTNP Taxidermy Supplies Look Great

driftwoodA combination of the unique species of juniper in the area, and the red soil around gives our driftwood a look that is not found anywhere else. That means you can incorporate it into an African mount and you won’t have to modify it at all. It will look as though it came right from Africa.


MTNP Supplies More than Taxidermy Supplies

Here at MTNP we like to stay busy. Since the summer is the only time we can collect wood, and we would rather not drive the treacherous roads in the winter to deliver it, we supply other items made out of the awesome driftwood that we collect. If you are looking for juniper wood furniture in Billings, Montana (don’t worry we can ship), we can build custom furniture to suit your needs (we love building lamps). If you want jewelry, we do that too. Looking for housewares like bottle openers and other fun items? Yep, we can build those. In fact, just about anything you are looking for, we can craft it out of high quality juniper wood.

driftwood jewelry Juniper Ring juniper bottle opener







Contact MTNP Today

If you are in need of anything, contact us right away. We have a huge supply of wood on hand, and we are anxious to use our shop to the fullest. Email, text, or phone calls will get you in touch with Scott, and from there we can determine what we can do to help you!

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  1. robert patrick

    I am a gamewarden by trade. I come across lots of beautiful drift wood pieces. Not just any old piece but really nice stuff great for fish mounts and duck mounts. I’m looking for a market. Not trying to get rich, just some play money. Could you help me out. Got pictures.

    • Scott

      Hi Robert,

      I would suggest you just start talking with taxidermists, florists, landscapers, and others that could use the wood who live nearby. Someone is bound to have a need.

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