Montana Natural Products Sells Custom Juniper Wood Furniture

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juniper woodDSCN2646The bulk of the wood and other natural products we collect are distributed to taxidermists. We carry some of the finest quality juniper driftwood around, and as far as taxidermy supplies go, you will be hard pressed to find someone with better product or better prices.

But that is not all that we do here. One of the goals of MTNP is to bring the beauty of nature inside so you can enjoy it all the time. To do so, we create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture out of (primarily) juniper wood.





Juniper Wood Lamps

Scott is the craftsman and inspiration behind the products created. When collecting the wood he actively seeks out pieces that will fit the projects in mind. And one of the things he loves to make is juniper wood lamps.

The process is not easy, and it takes a lot of time to get it just right. Before anything else the wood must be cut to the right size. That means getting a nice flat surface for the fixture to attach to, and flattening the bottom so it sits flush against the table. Since most pieces of wood will not stand on their own, it also means finding a piece of wood or antler that can be grafted into the body of the lamp.

Before going further, a hole needs to be drilled through the entire body of the lamp. This is done in several steps with drill bits ranging from 3 inches to 36 inches. Too often the bit breaks out the side of the lamp and a hole needs to be patched. Only then can sanding begin.

The juniper wood lamp is first removed of any bark that may be present. Then sandblasting helps to rid the wood of the silvery patina and get into all the little cracks, crevices, twists and pockets. Once the wood has been smoothed with sandblasting, hours and hours of sanding with a mouse, a random orbital, or by hand commence. Before finishing it is hand sanded with 500+ grit paper.

After all the sanding work is done, the lamp is finished with a water based polycrylic. This fast drying top coat brings out the grain and character of the wood so it is sure to draw attention. Only after that has dried can all of the electrical components be added.


Other Juniper Wood Projects

Juniper necklacejuniper bottle openerWhile juniper wood lamps are the primary craft, that is not the only thing that Scott creates. He loves to do detail work creating juniper jewelry, as well as other fun projects such as a wall mounted bottle opener, votive candle holder, and more. Check out the portfolio section of the site to see most of the projects.




Order Online

You can order your juniper furniture online right through MTNP. Currently the store section is still being built, but if you see something you like we can see if it is available and get you a price. As always, taxidermy supplies are in abundance. So if you need sage brush, driftwood, non-drifted wood, pine cones, or anything else, let us know and we can figure out what we can get to you.

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